USA – 3000+ breweries

USA – 3000+ breweries

According to the Brewers Association (BA) the US brewing industry has reached more than 3,000 breweries operating as of June 2014. This brings the US back to levels before 1870! Almost 99% of the 3,040 breweries are small and independent producers. And according to figures of BA the majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a local brewery.

The number of breweries saw a sharp decline and centralisation not too long ago and this turn around and trend is a good sign for a competitive, innovative and striving industry.

When you live in the US you should check out the new ‘brews’ in your neighbourhood and if you visit the US you should venture out and find all those exciting small and medium size breweries, taprooms and brewpubs. There you can sample and taste, join a guided tour or simply enjoy a pint of good beer. There are some wild beers out there, but also down to earth and traditional brews can be found. The focus is on quality not quantity. This is also how the beer should be enjoyed!

Tasting OnMyWay has 100+ breweries that offer tasting and tours in the database and we are adding about 10 a day. So there is a good selection of representatives of this new trend to discover on our site. From Alaska to Florida and Maine to California!

Check this out. The Northern Most Brewery in the US Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 19.48.14

Go taste! Your Tasting OnMyWay team



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