TastingOnMyWay is a free geo locator service that helps you find local businesses that host tasting and/or a factory tour at their site, or in a dedicated tasting room. The idea is for you to find a tasting experience near you or on your next vacation. We want to connect you with the producers that create all these wonderful flavors. Go there and try yourself! This can be an experience that you will remember for a long time.

We are currently a team from 5 different countries, speaking 9 different languages living all over Europe. So we can provide you with quite a bit of info. This project has become a real passion and we will to develop it further, also with your help. Please give us input, inspiration, write comments or tell us if we missed ‘the’ spot. We definitely want to have as much contact with you as possible. You can also use our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts to leave us a message. Share and find new exciting places to visit.