Air Tasting OnMyWay!

Air Tasting OnMyWay!

Air Tasting OnMyWay!

We thought we go big! Tasting all these products around the world requires the right tools!

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Well we are not quite there yet, but our aim is to provide our users exactly this service.

Wherever they are planing to go Tasting OnMyWay shall be the tool to give them enough information upfront to plan their trip and add some tasting or tours to their travel plans and itineraries. There are so many amazing places and producers world-wide and it is not always easy to understand which special products can be tried out there. On the other hand, we see how much effort the producers put in their facilities and how much they invest to give visitors this special experience. Some places and in particular the old vineyards are located in areas that will stun you, only enjoying the view. Now combine this with a wine tasting and you will have a smile in your face for the rest of the day.

Also infotainment is an important aspect of our site. Many producers provide special tours and even tastings (no alcohol here!) for children to help them to understand where our daily products are coming from. In a world where the famous ‘bing’ from the micro wave is becoming the signal to head for the table and alleys of frozen food in the supermarket are starting to dominate the shopping experience. This can have a long lasting impact to look at these ‘mac and cheese’ in a different way.

Last but not least Tasting OnMyWay wants to intensify the connection between local producers and the people that live actually close to them. It is stunning how often we get to hear that people where surprised that this producer around the corner offers this amazing tour or tasting. This can change your perspective and consumer behaviour in a positive way. Or a ‘win-win situation’!

Keep on tasting! Your Tasting OnMyWay team

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