Bring that bottle home – Lazenne.com

Bring that bottle home – Lazenne.com

Bring that bottle home – Lazenne.com

Tasting OnMyWay is not only scouting for producers that offer tasting and tours at their facilities or in dedicated tasting rooms world-wide. We are also constantly on the look out to find products and services that improve the overall tasting experience. Our intention is to create a network around the subject tasting and invite the community to join us and exchange thoughts, ideas and news about products and services.

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One of the biggest challenges when travelling and tasting. How to get this nice bottle of wine, that whisky or that amazing olive oil back home? So you can share this experience with your friends or loved ones.

  • One option is to find the distributor in your country. But let’s face it that is a bit of a downer in that ‘I want it all and I want it now’ moment.
  • Alternatively many vineyards offer to send those bottles to your home address. This is an excellent service but usually comes with a steep price tag, which kind of curbs your enthusiasm to buy the wine at all.
  • With the rules at airports you can not even bring one bottle from your tasting. And the bottles at the airport duty free shop just does not do the trick.

We found this amazing product at Lazenne.com. Protective luggage (they call it wine check luggage) and bottle protectors. Those allow you to buy on site and bring the bottles with you on the plane as check in luggage. They have done their homework and also provide you with the latest air line, IATA and customs regulations on their website.


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We thinks this is a brilliant idea and the piece of luggage not to be missed when preparing for your next trip to a tasting destination. We understand that Lazenne is working on broadening their distributor network. There are so many opportunities for this great idea. Tasting OnMyWay is following closely and we will keep an eye on the development.

Keep on tasting! Your Tasting OnMyWay team

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