More than 5000 producers in our database!

More than 5000 producers in our database!

Much faster than expected Tasting OnMyWay reached the first milestone of 5.000+ datasets uploaded and in our ‘data pipeline’. We are covering more than 65 countries now and have a nice variety of producers in the database from the usual suspects like wine, beer and spirits to the more unusual places like cookies, pineapple and salt!

5000 datasets in our Tasting OnMyWay database

We are building a platform that gives our users the big picture. There are a lot of websites out there providing information for a specific product in a specific region or country, but this can be more confusing than helping when you want to plan a trip or get an overview. And these special places tend not to be covered. People interested in whisky tasting might also want to know about cheese or craft beer in the same area and be surprised that there is also a fruit wine producer offering tasting. So this is the goal of Tasting OnMyWay.

This is only possible thanks to our data lancers worldwide. They put a lot of effort into covering the big places but also finding the ‘golden nuggets’ out there. Over the vacation period things slowed down a bit at TOMW, but soon back in full strength we will pick up the ball.

Recently we put a special focus on US craft beers, chocolate worldwide and covering some big wine regions (Western Cape, Sonoma). Now we will intensify our efforts to cover the medium and smaller sized wine regions and some special spirits. There is a big job out there waiting for us and our next milestone is 10.000 producers in 100 countries.

Tasting OnMyWay South Africa

Building the biggest data base for tasting experiences!

Keep on tasting! The Tasting OnMyWay Team

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