Italy – Planeta Castiglione di Sicilia Wine Tasting

Italy – Planeta Castiglione di Sicilia Wine Tasting

The Catania Tasting OnMyWay team went for a field trip today. The aim was the Planeta Feudo di Mezzo at the Sciara Nuova Winery near Castiglione di Sicilia about 40 km from Catania.

We booked our tasting upfront and got an 11:00 appointment and tried hard to be on time. Geo localisation in the area is challenging and despite the GPS coordinates and an instruction from the winery in English and Italian we decided to call to make sure not to get lost at the ‘last mile’. This worked out fine and we received  a warm welcome from Vera Russo. She invited us to the beautiful tasting room and gave us a quick upfront briefing.

The tasting room – in an old ‘Palmento’ – has been rebuilt and upgraded with a lot of care for details, to maintain the old flair still providing all the amenities necessary. All 3 tables have been prepared for tasting with a nice flight of glasses, water, olive oil and some bread. Before the tasting we were also shown the old kitchen, which is now working as a restaurant where groups can prebook events or extended tastings. Afterwards we took a quick stroll over the vineyard (with a crisp glass of white wine in our hands) and we got to see which vines are planted and in which amazing scenery the vineyard is situated. The backdrop of Etna and the Nebrodi Mountains on the other side create an amazing micro climate ideal for cultivating wine.

Planeta 1

When the tasting started, Vera guided us through 5 different wines and explained all the details. Vera speaks (of course) Italian but switches to English in no time when she feels this would make it easier for the clients. We also got an olive oil tasting and opted for an ‘Aperitivo’. This meant a nice plate of local cheese and salami, olives, an amazing bruschetta and some honey and nuts came on the table.

Planteta 2

After about two hours we decided to purchase some wine and olive oil and left the Planeta with this sure feeling that we will come back, bringing a few friends and most likely extending the experience booking the full meal option. There are various other options (dinner in the vineyard, helping during the harvest etc.) that can be arranged directly with the vineyard.

All in all an outstanding tasting experience. In particular the care for all the small details made this a tasting experience we would recommend not to miss when in Sicily/Catania/Etna area. At €12 and additional €8 for the food this is also good value for money.

Planeta has 6 wineries in Sicily. For each terroir its own winery!

Keep on tasting! The Tasting OnMyWay team

Here the link to Planeta on Tasting OnMyWay.

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