Scanner – end to 100ml liquid limits on planes?

Scanner – end to 100ml liquid limits on planes?

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Very good news for travelers! A new scanner can bring an end to the 100ml limit on planes, by 2016. On trial at 65 airports, it allows passengers to carry standard containers for drinks, cosmetics and toiletries.

The scanning device will analyse and test liquids in containers for explosives at airport security points, without staff having to open them. Developed by Cobalt Light Systems the Insight100 uses a special technology for rapid and accurate chemical analysis of substances in unopened non-metallic containers. Liquids, powders or gels within sealed containers can be scanned at security checkpoints in less then five seconds, recognizing dangerous liquids considered as potential threats.

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Since 2006, after authorities foiled a terror plot to use liquid explosives to blow up several aircraft traveling from Heathrow to the US and Canada, travelers were banned from carrying liquids over 100ml in their hand baggage, and the smaller containers must be placed in clear plastic bags. Thousands of containers that don’t meet the 100ml rule are abandoned every year at airports, resulting in lengthy queues at security.

It is the European Commission’s goal to lift the ban and screen all liquids, lotions, powders and gels by January 2016 using technology such as Cobalt’s Insight100.

Cobalt says the chemical analysis is rapid and accurate, and its reliability reduces delays and costs associated with missed flights, confiscations and extra security personnel.

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