Summer, sun … and RUM tasting!

Summer, sun … and RUM tasting!

Our Tasting OnMyWay data lancers have put their focus on RUM producers and dug out almost 80 producers around the world that offer tasting and/or tours at their sites from traditional destinations in the Caribbean to Thailand, Australia and Canada (just to name a few). Browse our site and find a rum producer to visit on your next trip … or if you are lucky around the corner where you live. Go taste, enjoy and let us know how the experience was. We love to hear from you and will publish your thoughts and of course tips, in case you know another place.

Oh, and don’t be shy and let the producers know about our site. we want them too to get in touch with us to make sure the information provided is as accurate as possible. Especially the bit more exotic destinations can be challenging to find. In the end our goal is to build the biggest data base for tasting experiences on the web. So we need all the help out there.

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Cheers! – The Tasting OnMyWay team

PS: This is what our friends on wikihow have as a solution if you can not make it to the Caribbean. Maybe saving the money and waiting a bit longer is worthwhile!

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